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At Venom Laser Studio we believe in using the latest and best technology to ensure our clients receive the fastest, most successful results.

As such, our Sanford clinic uses the industry-leading Astanza Trinity laser system. The Trinity system is comprised of two standalone systems: the Astanza Duality and Astanza Eternity. Together, these lasers create the Astanza Trinity, a triple-wavelength system that delivers full-spectrum removal across the widest range of tattoos. The Trinity combines the powers of a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser and Q-switched Ruby laser and produces three versatile wavelengths – 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm. Each of these wavelengths selectively destroys a specific group of pigments, allowing for complete ink removal on all multicolored tattoos.

Many clinics are forced to turn away customers with multicolored bright tattoos because their lasers do not offer a wavelength that can effectively target more “resistant” shades. Only the 694 nm ruby wavelength is capable of treating vibrant blue and green inks, and when used in combination with our 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths, no colors are left untreatable.

Laser tattoo removal is widely recognized as the best solution for removing unwanted tattoos, tattoo regret, and fading tattoos for new artwork or cover-ups. This FDA approved procedure is both safe and effective, and even more, it’s completely noninvasive. Venom Studio uses the latest technology and safest protocols to deliver the best tattoo removal results.
Laser tattoo removal essentially speeds up the natural fading process that is carried out by the immune system over many years. During a treatment, the laser emits flashes of light energy onto the unwanted tattoo. The trapped ink particles absorb the light energy, causing them to shatter into tiny fragmented particles that the body can more readily process, and are then naturally cleared away by the white blood cells through the bloodstream.

Over a series of treatments, the laser will continue to break down the ink particles into smaller fragments, allowing more ink to be cleared with each session until no ink is visible in the skin. Multiple treatments are the norm in laser tattoo removal, as a balance needs to be found between efficient removal and not overly treating in one sitting to avoid damaging the skin. Generally, fewer treatments are needed for clients with older, faded tattoos or clients interested in lightening their tattoo for a cover-up.

Venom Laser Studio specializes in all things laser tattoo removal. Whether you want to completely remove your tattoo, remove a specific part of your tattoo, or wish to lighten a tattoo in preparation for a cover-up, we can deliver! Our clinic uses the most advanced technology to safely target the unwanted ink without harming the surrounding skin tissue.

Because every client and tattoo is unique, there is no way of knowing the number of treatments you will need without assessing it first in person, and even then, it can be difficult to discern without beginning the treatment. Venom Laser Studio uses various factors to assess your tattoo and best estimate the number of treatments to achieve your desired look. We evaluate your skin type, the tattoo ink colors, the ink depth and density, as well as the location of the tattoo to estimate how many treatments you will need. Clients interested in complete removal of their tattoo can hope for somewhere in the realm of 10 treatments, but this figure could vary significantly as a result of these, and potentially other, factors.

Treatments are usually quick and don’t take more than a few minutes, some only a few seconds, depending on the size of the tattoo being treated. Complete tattoo removal is dependent on the number of treatments you need and how quickly your skin heals. A healing period of six to eight weeks is necessary between each treatment session. The rate at which your skin heals relies heavily upon how quickly your immune system removes the ink from your skin after a laser session. Clients with strong immune systems will experience faster fading. Drinking lots of water and exercising regularly can help speed up your removal results.

This is obviously dependent on your pain tolerance, but laser tattoo removal can feel like a rubber band being snapped against the skin or like a tattoo being applied all over again, but the process is MUCH quicker. Clients may experience slight discomfort, but overall the laser is very tolerable. Our clinic uses a Zimmer Cryo cooling unit to help alleviate client discomfort before, during, and after treatment. Sometimes topical numbing creams can also be used to help with this, but in our experience aren’t really necessary. Long story short, if you could handle getting the tattoo, you can handle getting it removed.

Laser tattoo removal is considered the safest, most effective method for removing unwanted tattoos. This noninvasive procedure uses rapid pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin to selectively target unwanted ink while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. Clients may experience redness, itchiness, swelling, blistering, and scabbing following the treatment, but this is normal. These side effects are temporary and will heal over the weeks following each treatment. As long as proper aftercare is applied, the risk of lasting effects like scaring or pigment changes is minimal. Follow the aftercare instructions!

The basis of our business is making the best laser tattoo removal accessible for more clients, and our pricing reflects this. Venom Tattoo Removal determines the price per treatment based on the size of the tattoo being treated. We selected our laser systems because they are the industry leaders in safely eliminating more ink with each session, decreasing the overall number of treatments needed and ultimately saving you money.

1×1 $100
1×1-2×2 $150
2×2-4×4 $250
4×4-6×6 $350
6×6-8×8 $450

Absolutely! In fact, most tattoo artists working on cover-ups prefer to work on lightened tattoos. Fading a tattoo before a cover-up gives a tattoo artist more flexibility and creativity with their design, and can help reduce the need for an overly dark finished piece. We often feel this is the more economical option for those unhappy with their tattoo, and will work with you and your artist to get you the results you want. Along these same lines, Venom Tattoo Removal can also remove specific elements of a tattoo while leaving the rest untouched.


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